We Specialize in Cloud-Compatible Applications

We provide turn-key solutions to meet business needs that are based on thoughtful infrastructure and are developed with consideration of the software a company uses.

Some software developers only create original, custom solutions, from scratch. Turing Group can do that, too.

What sets us apart is our secret sauce: we can expertly refactor – customize, adapt, evolve – applications and APIs to address your particular challenges and optimize what they do.

This can help you to better leverage AWS tools and services, leading to cost optimization and a better bottom line.

Turing Group can act as a conduit between your infrastructure and application teams. We can strategize a full life-cycle solution to your software needs. We can also help go deep to solve your most challenging application and data problems.

Our developers live on the cutting edge, adhering to the latest development methodologies, while keeping their sights on efficiency, reliability and repeatability.

Each of our software solutions is cloud-ready and can immediately scale to meet the demands of your business.