Guiding You Through Your Cloud Journey

Whether you’re moving between physical data centers, from data center-to-cloud, cloud-to-data center, or cloud-to-cloud, Turing Group can lead you through the migration process.

We can design the right all-in or hybrid cloud strategy for your business.

When you partner with us, we architect AWS environments to our high standards with your end goals in mind. The same team that handles your migration will be there to support you and manage your environments for the long haul, allowing us to better understand the challenges and goals of your company.

Turing Group is centered around a core DevOps philosophy which enables us to provide solutions to businesses to help implement continuous integration, automate infrastructure provisioning and management, and do things pragmatically.

AWS provides a set of services designed to simplify:

  • provisioning and management of infrastructure
  • deploying code to instances anywhere
  • automating the development life cycle to easily create whole stacks of applications on AWS

We can partner with Client teams to ease the transition from writing standard code to writing code for the cloud, including how to manage workflows and deploy via weekly releases without downtime, automated testing and faster bug resolution.