Scalable Commerce Cloud: Gorilla Group


Established in 1994, Gorilla Group is a full service technology, design agency and hosting provider that provides a full suite of services with a strong focus on high volume and high profile e-commerce customers. Their clients include enterprise companies such as Garret Popcorn, SPS, London Fog, Paypal and Shure.


Gorilla was hosting many high volume e-commerce clients on a legacy virtualization platform and was limited by it’s ability to grow and scale with their clients needs on a real-time basis. Additionally, the existing environment was fragile and complex to manage and consequently Gorilla was struggling to meet their client’s dynamic needs.

Armed with some fundamental, initial research, Gorilla made an attempt to internally manage the migration of dozens of high profile E-commerce sites within their environment to Amazon Web Services, with no downtime. Several months in to the effort, when their odds for success became significantly challenged by lack of internal knowledge and experience with the AWS platform, Gorilla engaged Turing Group, an Amazon Services Consulting Partner, to audit their existing AWS environment and take the reins to complete the migration.[/vc_column_text]


Turing Group senior architects worked closely with Gorilla internal IT staff to develop a detailed understanding of Gorilla’s unique requirements and goals. Once the discovery project was complete, Turing Group delivered a detailed recommendation, project plan and implementation plan that allowed Gorilla to migrate their entire e-commerce infrastructure to AWS in weeks, not months. Additionally, Turing Group provided documentation and training to all Gorilla internal staff, enabling a full hand-off of the platform and enabling Gorilla to take complete ownership of the new elastic and resilient hosting stack.


By migrating to AWS, Gorilla was able to decrease the standard time frame for new client deployments to hours, down from two to three weeks. These new client environments are now based on a common set of standards and templates, so supporting different clients is simpler and solutions to problems come in minutes instead of hours.

Additionally, Gorilla was able to pass on lower hosting costs and more predictable spend to its clients while maintain the ability to scale in real-time in response to busy buying seasons that have major traffic spikes.

Gorilla Group
Headquarters: Chicago, IL
Locations: 6
Employees: 177
Industry: Digital Agency / Marketing


Turing Group
Brendan Caulfield – Chief Operating Officer