Turing Group had the incredible opportunity to work with Clarity Partners on an exciting large-scale project to update, expand and revamp the back end of the Metra website, that launched in late June, 2016.


Turing Group senior architects worked closely with Gorilla internal IT staff to develop a detailed understanding of Gorilla’s unique requirements and goals, allowing Gorilla to migrate their entire e-commerce infrastructure to AWS in weeks. Additionally, Turing Group provided documentation and training to all Gorilla internal staff, enabling a full hand-off of the platform and enabling Gorilla to take complete ownership of the new elastic and resilient hosting stack.


Duo Consulting needed an expert cloud service provider capable of scaling and flexing to their evolving needs. As sites randomly come under attack and the general ebb and flow of traffic marches on, it is important to focus on how best to deal with these scenarios. These topics are forefront to Turing Group, and intelligent design allows us to navigate the minefield that is hosting.


A Year of Innovations (Powered by the Cloud)

Turing Group is honored and proud to have our work and case study about supporting Metra highlighted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector blog, featuring some exceptional, innovative “global moments impacted by the cloud” that were achieved last year.

Turing Group: AWS Made Simple

"It is a huge differentiator for us as we bring resilient engineering, deep corporate IT experience, and quality solutions to today's prevalent business problems."

Turing Group Named AWS Managed Service Partner

Turing Group, a fast-growing provider of cloud management and custom software solutions for private and public sector organizations, today announced that it has been designated an audited Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

The Three Letters That Could Change Your Business: API

Today’s business owners are incredibly tech savvy. They use cloud-based applications, run their businesses from mobile devices and track the return on revenue of every advertising dollar with online dashboards. Many can even update their own websites, tweaking code when necessary. But even with this level of sophistication, most entrepreneurs are missing out on what might be the biggest opportunity they have to expand their businesses, an opportunity expressed in just three letters: API.

Deflating 4 Myths About the Wonders of Cloud Computing

Whether inside or outside the technology sector, entrepreneurs find themselves constantly wrestling with tech decisions that affect their business. Many owners find it a challenge to take advantage of technological innovations while also managing expectations surrounding the hype.Cloud computing is one such area that holds a lot of promise for entrepreneurs -- so long as they understand how to maximize their investment.

How Best To Prepare For Adoption of a Cloud-Based EMR

Healthcare providers are entering the final push for achieving compliance with meaningful use regulations. It’s important they invest in technology that will support their current electronic medical record (EMR) endeavors and adapt with them as their practice and the healthcare industry move forward. In most cases, the answer is simple: Look to the cloud.


Practicing Safe DevOps

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DevOps From Our Perspective

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On the AWS S3 Outage

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As most frequent users of the Internet are aware, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced an outage of some of its most ubiquitous...

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