AWS Redux: Perspectives from an AWS Partner

  • Posted by Chris Rechtsteiner, Turing Group Marketing
  • AWS, Perspectives, Podcast, re:Invent

Given Amazon’s rarefied place among cloud providers, AWS announcements are big news in the cloud services industry – for partners and customers alike.

Looking back to the most recent re:Invent conference, there were 52 discrete announcements on the AWS platform at this event, alone. The challenge for all of us is making sense of this progress. It is a lot to digest.

Understanding what AWS announcements mean for your business

At Turing Group, we have established a formal methodology for assessing AWS product and service announcements. This process helps us understand how the AWS platform is going to change via these new capabilities and, most importantly, how these changes will impact our customers.

Take re:Invent 2017, for example.

We analyzed the key announcements made during the conference. Here’s where they landed on our assessment scale:

Turing Group AWS re:Invent 2017 Product Announcement Map

Our metrics for AWS product and service announcements

  • Enhancement: An enhancement is exactly that — an extension of an existing capability
  • Competitive Response: A competitive response is a new addition to the platform that, in our opinion, is following an industry development
  • Innovation: An innovation is a net new capability on an existing service
  • New Service: A new service is a brand new addition to the AWS ecosystem

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a detailed look into each of these announcements. To make sure we thoroughly cover every critical update, and articulate how we see it affecting business, we’re introducing a podcast, AWS Redux: Perspectives from an AWS Partner. We feel this will provide the best forum for us to share our in-depth discussions with you and provide you with a better look inside of Turing Group.

You can subscribe to the podcast below. We’ll be publishing the first episode later this month.